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#1157 My Brother James

Posted by marthakraus36 on 20 March 2005 - 10:48 PM in Physical Health & Healing

Please pray for me. Things are not working out too well between my brother James and my sister margie and I. He has over-reacted to misinterpreted our concern over his care and well being. We talked with social workers, nurses and doctors every day to work on getting him as much help as was available for him. Since he is very low income, he had a lot of services that could be provided for him to enable him to live alone. The hospital social worker was arranging all of these things for us. We were so grateful and thankful. The dr said he should have supervised care for at least two weeks. We were arranging and he was qualifying for one of two rehab centers for two weeks, until he could function better without the amount of oxygen he was on and be able to live alone. We were going to get him the necessary furniture he needed. I had the lights put on in my name and all of us sisters agreed to financially help him as much as he needed. He ended up throwing us out of the hospital, discharging himself and going home on Saturday. I dont know what will become of him altho i know he is in Gods hands. He is berating my sister Margie and I (since we were really the ones doing the legwork for his care) Lorain is 79 and was not expected to do much except support us and help financially and emotionally, which she did. But Jim screamed at all of us and we left saying we would not be back if we were going to be verbally abused. I dont know what more we could have done for him. We still love him and pray for him; but the stress of dealing with an out of control person is more than we can handle. He doesnt want our help - Pray for us to make the right moves

#1068 My Brother James

Posted by marthakraus36 on 15 March 2005 - 10:58 PM in Physical Health & Healing

My brother James has had his lung cancer surgery. Removed upper right lobe size of baseball, tissue behind lung looks suspicious, he will need chemo. He is in ICU and is on a nerve block pain blocker. He is in very good spirits and he is a changed man! I believe he is closer to God now than he has been all of his life. He reads and prays every day. He is calm and smiles a lot. He seems stronger than I would have expected him to be and praise God he is in good hands. Good nurses and doctors and social workers. Continue to pray he gets the help he needs when he is released. He will need rehab first. This terrible disease has brought all of us closer to each other and the Lord! Thank you for your prayers, continue the good work! I am most grateful and thankful for you every day! Jimmy's sister and yours in Christ - Martha

#919 My Brother James

Posted by marthakraus36 on 08 March 2005 - 06:53 PM in Physical Health & Healing

eric I am holding on to Romans 8 God bless you

#918 My Brother James

Posted by marthakraus36 on 08 March 2005 - 06:51 PM in Physical Health & Healing

ythgrl and walking promise - your prayers are held in my heart. I cried when I read them. Please continue to use the precious gift of intercessionary prayer. Believe me you are Jesus to me.... My brother James is having his lung surgery on Thursday. The meeting with my sisters was stressful but I know the Lord was in our midst. We continue to struggle but our bond with each other is becoming stronger. I especially am coming to see some of my shortcomings and I am beginning to welcome advice and help. I have always been a take=charge kind of person being the oldest in an alcholic family; but through this coming together with my sisters I am feeling so blessed to have them and to lean on them and accept their help and advice. Thank you Lord for an understanding spirit. Continue to pray with us Thursday and may God's will be done and His love and mercy be felt by all. AGain may the Lord bless you greatly and continue your ministry thorough this website. Your sister in Christ, Martha.

#875 My Brother James

Posted by marthakraus36 on 06 March 2005 - 10:40 PM in Physical Health & Healing

To all of the wonderful prayer warriors out there: I just cannot express in words the encouragement I have received from all of your posts. I still can't hardly believe there are people out there that I have never met and they are praying to the Father for my brother James!!!! My sisters and I have really been having a difficult time dealing with all of this. We have had our own issues and depression to deal with and now trying to pull together for our brother is putting a strain on all of us. We are meeting tomorrow morning at 9:00 am to discuss Jimmy's needs and how we can meet them. He is not very cooperative at times (he also has some mental problems, doesnt always take his meds) which makes it very difficult and frustrating for us. Jimmy's wife left him last week and took all the furniture and had the phone and utilities shut off. Her leaving may have been in answer to prayers, God moves in mysterious ways. We are standing with him in all of this and we will (with God's help and prayers) do all we can to keep him in his apartment. He is on Medicaid and receives approx. $400 a mo. He has a dog (Sarah) which is his only companion and if he can stay in his apartment. he can keep Sarah. It is a one floor apt and he is close to 3 sisters, he also has a friend in the next apt that he plays cards with. Please pray for all of us tomorrow and in the next few weeks. His surgery (if he decides to have it) will be soon. He went for a trach surgery on Thursday and we will have the results of how far the cancer has spread and if it is operable. Jimmy is not always honest with us about his doctor reports, hopefully he will allow one of us to have access to his reports. Praise God for all of you. I will keep you all posted. Thank you with all my heart!

#253 My Brother James

Posted by marthakraus36 on 19 January 2005 - 07:02 PM in Physical Health & Healing

:rolleyes: I have just gone in the the posts for my brother James. I cant tell you how much you have all encouraged me. As I read your prayers for my brother and I = perfect strangers to all of you = I was overcome with the loving arms of God holding me and loving me. You truly have been GOD IN SKIN to me this day. Please continue to pray and as God shows me his perfect timing I am going to share these with my sisters and my brother, that they may know the warmth and trust in Jesus that you have provided me. Thank you for the posts and I lift you all up to the Lord to continue the good work He has begun in you all. God bless you all. Oncology appt on Jan 31st, 2005

#100 My Brother James

Posted by marthakraus36 on 05 January 2005 - 04:22 AM in Physical Health & Healing

Today I am very sad. We learned my brother has terminal lung cancer. I am asking for prayers to bombard heaven to save my brother in any way God sees fit. He needs spritual, mental, physical healing along with childhood hurts and some bad decisions in his life. He is a good man. He believes in Jesus. He has been lying in bed with the bible on his chest repeating jesus in satan out. he doesnt know how better to pray. he prays with us sometimes. but is mostly sincere and heartfelt with his twin sister Janet who is filled with the HOly Spirit.Please show us how God can use us best to show Jimmy how much we love him and how much God loves him. How can we make this transition gentler for him.I love him sooo very much. He is still my little brother at age 67. Thank you all for reading this and my it touch your heart to mention jimmy's name today Thank you wherever you are that is reading this today and may bless you much! Martha