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“ Prayers OVER ALL GOD’s People - HEALINGS For Sickness Chronic Diseases ..... THRU'OUT ALL D EARTHs... ....”

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HEALINGS Sickness Prayers

Prayers OVERALL GOD’s People - HEALINGS For Sickness Chronic Diseases ..... THRU'OUT ALL D EARTHs.......
LORD We PRAYs 4ALL BROTHERS SISTERS-In-Christs & ALL Their Loves Ones In JESUS Name .. tt U Brings YR HEALings GRACEs Touches To ALL YR Precious Peoples Who Needs U.. Cryings To U In JESUS Name .. LORD We PRAYs U SOAKSs SEEps SINKs Deeply LaserBeams XSCAN ACROSS Thru Each & EveryOne in Jesus Name with YR PUREST HOLINESS HEALingsBloods & Anointings Oils of HEALings Cures.. in Jesus Name ..From HEAD to TOE InsideOut in Jesus Name..OUR HOLINESS FiRES - OUR HOLINESS SPIRIT OF OUR HOLINESS GOD -OUR HOLINESS FATHER- BurnsOff Dissolves Cancels Erased FlushesOff ALL Harmful Elements Bacterias InfectionsToxins Viruses Growth Stones Tumors BLoodclots Mutations Parasites DiseaseSickness.. in Jesus Name..SCANWashes SANCTIFIES CLEANSEs Thru Every BLOODSVEINs Cells Tissues Organs(Heart Lungs LiverKidneys Brains) Bones JointsMarrow EveryMuscles Nerves in Jesus Name .. Removes Dissolves Rectifies Flushes Off ALL Pains Numbness Paralysis Malfunctions in Jesus Name ... Also Let Those Whose on Medications/ Treatments to be Fully Effectives to Them & TotallyCured too in Jesus Name .. LET Every CIRCULATORYs & RESPIRATIONs & ALL FUNCTIONS back to GOOD HEALTH In JESUS Name .. LORD We Claims Total Full RECOVERY For EveryOne in Jesus Name .. Let YR MIGHTYHOLINESS HEALingsBloods & Anointings HEALings OiLs of LIVINGS WATERS COURSING THRU Each & EveryOne in Jesus Name Bringings TOTAL FULL HEALingsCUREs To EveryOne in Jesus Name ..From HEAD to TOE InsideOut in Jesus Name,.. COURSES THRU &HEALings ALL Nerves VEINS Cells TiSSues Organs BonesMuscles Nerves.. in Jesus Name… Normalizes ALL BPs... Flushes Out All Urics & cholesterol,.. HealingsCurings ALL JointsMarrow ALL Orthopaedics Every MusclesNerves Cells …HealingsCurings ALL HeartCardio Conditions… HealingsCurings ALL RespiratoryENT Issues ... HealingsCurings ALL NeuroBrains Issues .. We TK U LORD.. TK U JESUS.. In JESUS Name .."So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed" -John 8:36 .. LORD JESUS U YOURSelf Bore Our sins” On D Cross, so tt we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “BY YR Wounds &Stripes WE ARE HEALED ...” -1Pet 2:24.AMEN ..In JESUS Name ..


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