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Lesbian Symbolic Marriage

Posted by BABU T THOMAS, 20 April 2015 · 1,195 views

Dear Prayer Partners,
Akane weds Ayaka a symbolic wedding in Japan.
Japanese actress Akane Sugimori and her partner Ayaka Ichinosedisplays their wedding rings after their marriage ceremony in Tokyo on Sunday. The lesbian couple held a symbolic wedding cermony in Tokyo, as calls grow for Japan to legalise same-sex marriage.
Like wise many celebrities and business tycoons and many top personnalities are come out in public to propagate the unethical way sexuality to the younger generations to follow. They are corrupting the minds of the innocents by adopting wrong opinions that all big people are leading immoral life is the way of life.
More over they are boosting innocent people by all intellectual community adopting or backing LGBT coomunity. This why God say in Romans : 1 22 that they are professing to be wise but they are fools. Let us pray to God to touch all the hated habituated people to confess and committ to the Savior of the World.
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Bunk!  There will be a day that EVERY knee bows and every tongue confesses that Jesus is Lord!

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As sinful as that is, it is a sign that prophecies are being fulfilled right in front of our very eyes. While we are against homosexuality, lesbianism, and adultery as we have a right to, as a children of God, we must remember that those are not the only sins that are committed by the second of every minute. While we are focusing on the LGBT agenda the enemy is reaping havoc in other areas of society i.e from the extreme music industry of secular music, to the more Suttle supposedly gospel music. I want us to remember that gossip, envy, hatred, lies, racism etc are all sins that some of us overlook on a daily basis. Now is the time for us to "look up" as is recorded in the scriptures
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