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Posted by DyingToSelf, 13 February 2015 · 1,345 views

Gracious Father,

forgive me for losing faith in You. Forgive me for my doubt, forgive me for wanting You to restore my situation in my way, on my time. LORD, I give it up to You, do what You will, let this issue be in Your hands. You know the desires of my heart but teach me to trust that Your way is the right way.

Father, give me the strength to face whatever the circumstance, whatever additional obstacles and negative situations that arise from this point forth. Teach me to accept it with grace and protect me from the angry and violent emotions that manifest in me.

LORD, give me peace in my heart as I continue to do my daily duties, give me a renewed tide of grace that overflows for the journey ahead. LORD, reveal to me the Truths in Your scripture, that I may learn and understand Your will.

Abba, remove the hurts in my heart and clear my mind of negative emotions, do not forsake me in my time of need. You have heard my cries and You have witnessed my sorrows, Father, let me not sin in my times of turmoil.

Give me faith and remove doubt from my heart, allow me to hide in the loving embrace of my Saviour. Lift this pall of darkness from me and give me courage to accept whatever You have in store in my future.

LORD, let me not be troubled by depression and sadness, but seek comfort and counsel in Your wisdom.

I cry unto You, O GOD. Hear my prayers and heal my heart.

In Jesus most precious name,


The closer we get to the Lord, the more we apply His teachings to our lives, it seems all that you requested will just happen in your life as you submit your flesh to the Holy Spirit.  We come to the Lord in our corrupted flesh, we are born of the Spirit, so in order to survive and thrive in the Spirit, we must start living by the Word of God to grow and get strong.    God bless you.

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May the Good Lord guide you and bless you.
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