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Forgive him for he doesn't know what he is doing

Posted by Minoo, 28 May 2014 · 1,558 views

LORD Jesus,
I am tired fighting this battle called life. Was my decision to marry this man , my husband ,wrong????

I did consult you , didn't I??

Our thinking has become so different , there seems no meeting point............. oh yes , our children....

Our children are the only thin glue connecting both of us.

Hope this will strengthen more and more and deepen our relationship.

I thought my belief will be seen in my actions and turn him to you.

But he is so rigid so stubborn , so ice cold ...............how to turn him to you....

Please forgive him for all he said and did today. I have already forgiven him.

I will constantly pray for him and I do believe that we both will be in heaven at your feet serving you.

Please come quickly on this earth and establish your kingdom......



If you have real faith in the blood of Jesus then plead it over this man every day. This divine blood is as fresh,warm and miraculous as the day out Lord Jesus shed it for us. And it will be forever. i do this every day over my household  and every thing in our house. as you do this anoint around with olive oil. The best you can get, do this in the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost and the blood of Jesus. Get a pair of his shoes, anoint the instep underneath of them, that is the part that does not touch the ground. But he will still be walking on the anointing!. I assume as a wife you do his washing, then plead your faith in the blood of Jesus over his washing. He will be putting on anointed clothes ( no oil on these of course). Break the power of the yoke of unbelief that is holding him. Do this in the name of Jesus and your faith in his blood.


I notice that you have asked God to forgive him. That is good, but you must be in total forgiveness yourself. It starts with you, not the other way round. In your prayers tell God how much you love him. Then the God that already loves and forgives him will do the rest. Ask for a Saul of Tarsus experience for him. The value of anointed clothes was proved, by the clothes of Stephen which were laid at Sauls feet when Stephen was stoned to death.


You are the daughter of a King and much loved by him, forgive yourself. Why? because you are worth it!. go for it girl!.

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Thanks dear

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