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In GOD's eyes all are equal

Posted by Minoo, 11 May 2014 · 730 views

There are many things in this world which always puzzles me. The discrepancy found in different parts of the world. Even when we walk from one street to another, we find a vast difference in life style, values and the way people interact with each other .

I often wonder how GOD manages to manage so many lifes , so different lifes, so different cultures so beautifully.

Then I see the wrongs happening in the world and I get sentimental and angry at GOD.
Then I realize it isn't all GOD's fault. It is satan whose world is this and that GOD's worlsd is something very beautiful........................ I can't even imagine or describe.
As told by John in Revelations.

Please LORD come and establish your world and take us into your arms.

I yearn for your calmness , your understanding eyes and your love which is in every action.
LORD, come and establish your Kingdom.
I am just not made for this world. I try to comform to its standards, but I fail.
I can't live as per this world's rules,I cannot be calculative . I do not understand ofice politics...........

SORRY LORD , but I am fed up with this life where in I have to compromise so many times , where it is difficult to talk about you , but still I will TRY TRY TRY TRY...........

Yes, God loves all equally, yet man is NOT all the same.

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Thanks Mike.

Your faith always shakes me from my slumber.



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