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Prayer request

Posted by Janet3712, 29 August 2013 · 1,640 views

This is a very difficult situation for me, I love my work and I am very loyal towards my manager and my colleges, but for some reason or the other my manager suddenly started to become hostile towards me, at first her attacks were subtle but now she is openly trying to destroy me she is constantly falsely accusing me of several different things and I feel victimised by her. I am so scared that maybe I am in the wrong doing that maybe I am not able to see what I am doing wrong because I feel very sorry for myself. I need clarity I need fellow Christian support

Please pray with and for me:

Please glorious Lord and Heavenly Father let the lies and cover ups stop. Bring those who are working towards my fall scatter in seven directions. Shame them with the truth my Father and raise me up Father for the glory belongs to You Father. Open my eyes so I will never lie to promote my own standing. Let my suffering and humiliation come to an end. Please Lord I am weak with pain, the pain of all this unfair lies and of these few people wilfully hurting me. Lord where I have done wrong show me, bring the light on my wrongdoings, but Lord where I have not wronged and where my enemies are trying to stick it on me let your holy light shine in this darkened world of lies. Please Father I cannot stand strong any more HELP me Father please help me. Lord I do not pray for the demise of these people I pray LORD that You shall fill them with your Holy Spirit and guide them to turn away from their evil ways, so that Father in the end You will be glorified. Amen

We cannot control what other people think or do.
Just keep being the best of you and keep reflecting the Jesus that this person may not know.
(Sometimes it is not personal at all; sometimes they are going through something that is so difficult that they react poorly) You can pray for her.

You know the details here.
You know the situation and both parties.
All I know is that You love them both SO much.
Please have Your way and purpose for this situation.
Please give Janet grace and understanding beyond human.
In Jesus name,
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Thank you for your wise words Mike4Hope. I love GOD so much and I want to please Him at all times. At this stage I am so scared and confused for all that is happening. I do not understand why and I wish I could wake tomorrow morning and all these trials will be gone, like a bad dream. Once, long ago I hand a nervous breakdown and lately with all these this things happening I feel that same fair overwhelming me. I just don't know how to stand in times like this. I just need our Heavenly Father so much. Thank you for your prayer and please keep me in your prayers.

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Please LORD bless this person and grant hope in this situation


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