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A new hello!

Posted by nemardan, 26 September 2012 · 1,434 views

Today is the first day of my new username and registration. My last account was erroring and it became difficult to post much less anything else as I kept getting errors. There was nothing in the help forums that I could use to fix this issue and I did send email to an administrator and added a call for help in the forum. I have no idea if anyone replied as the more I used the last account, the more it errored. I could not view any replies to my posts or eventually could not do anything but log in. My posts were few as I could not get past the errors. Today during prayer, God told me to just make a new account. I usually don't like to clutter other peoples websites with multiple accounts as they just sit there and take up valuable space but in this case, God said to and said it very loud. I wasted no time, after my prayers were finished, I created this account and so far its working perfectly. It is the first day though. I was able to pray for a couple people and add a prayer request for a friend of mine's father. Thank you Lord for allowing me the patience to correct the problem and then the correct avenue to pursue. I hope this website is around for a really long time as it is the most important website I have ever seen ( I have seen a lot coming from the IT world). Thank you Lord for placing this idea on the owners heart and putting this resource in a place where so many can utilize it and help everyone all around the world. Father, I pray that this web site receives the appropriate resources to remain active into the future until you come for us. I pray this in Jesus name: AMEN. When I joined initially I purchased a tee shirt just to start some sort of helping out. I wear this shirt proudly around my church and hope God touches some other peoples heart to notice the web address on it and join in. Sometimes I have a habit to wander into prayer when I am recording notes or entries into documents and journels. Oh well, if God says its ok, than I am ok with it. Back soon, God Bless to all.

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