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Strange relationship

Posted by 5402Wilson, 15 August 2013 · 1,615 views

My mother in law and I always had a strange relationship. It probably comes in part from the fact that her son, my husband, is younger than me. I would also have to guess that fact that I have my college degree and she didn't may have been part of it too.

I used to "mother" my mother in law.

The age difference between my mother in law and me was such that she couldn't have been my mother. (It wasn't as bad as one lady I worked with who was 2 weeks older than her mother in law!)

L, my mother in law, was diabetic. I used to "nag" at her about what she was eating. I'd point out to her the sugar filled dessert she was eating, and she would point out to me how small of a piece she was having. I would then point out to her all the places she had eaten "just a little bit" for the last hour. (Usually if you would have added all her little bits up it would have made a good sized piece, not the small piece she was proud of herself for eating.) "You want to see your grandkids grow up, don't you?" She always laughed and said yes.

I guess "nagging" isn't enough to keep someone alive.

I'm struggling with the fact she isn't there to see her grandkids grow up. They have to grow up without her there. We have to raise them without her insite and guidance.

I wish she was here.

I guess "nagging" isn't enough to keep someone alive.


So, nagging you think is something that is Positive?

Reflect on the word nagging. I pray the Good Lord blesses you.

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and by the way..some of us wish we had a mother in law that even spoke to us or even knew we were married to the son at all.

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Did you read my post????  "Nagging" was in quotes.  I gave you an example of what I did that was "nagging."  A laughing, joking, conversation that let her know I loved her and wanted to keep her around.  That was my "nagging".


I've reflected on that every since I read your post months ago.  Telling her I wanted her around to watch her grandkids grow up.  (another way I "nagged"), Letting her know I cared about her. I have problems seeing that as a negative.


And as for wishing your mother in law knew you were married... MIne was at my wedding.  She was alive.  I wouldn't have married her son any other way.  I fell in love with my mother and father in law as I dated their son.  We spoke to each other the day she died.  Had a wonderful conversation.  Had problems getting off the phone with her because we were having such a nice conversation.


The only regret I have is I never did figure out a way to get her to take care of herself so she could still be here with us.

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