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Christian men and the struggle with sexual sin

Posted by , 06 August 2006 · 262 views

your sitting in darkness.
Cave men, have been thought to have died off long ago. But I must confess to Mothers, daughters, wives. Your more than likely living with a cave man. Who hides in there when feels no one hears his cries for help. SO he crawls back into his cave with his secret sins(sexual immoral thoughts and acts) For some it alchol, some is drugs, some it work. Sisters I ask you even though this all may not make sense to you why men, crawl into these caves with porno, and masterbation, etc. The devil keeps the hostage by telling them they can't tell their wives or girlfriend cause she will be angry, He will tell its her fault for not caring about your sexual needs in the first place. All lies of the devil, Paul told us that our bodies belong to our wives and the wives body belong to you her husband... God wanted us to enjoy sex but with our helpmate, our sister in christ, the mother of your children, half that completes you.
Not to sit alone in front of a computer screen or some dark adult theater or booths, or a strip club or a dark alleyway. Sadly what makes it worse is there are females who are not saved out there encouraging these christian man, the devil uses the internet the TV ads females at work else to tell me that its okay and its just being human. Adultery is never okay, The kingdom of heaven will not be inherited by the sexual immoral. I do not judge you my brothers, for this fight I know oh so well in my own life. I had to ask myself which more important to be line with the word of God or to give yourself a few minutes of fleshly pleasure. The bible tells us the pleasures of sin last only for a season. Its time to turn off those computers, Turn off that HBO get rid of the mags, draw close to the Lord and let him bless your marriage and find a greater pleassure with your wife. Because we are taught from boys that we must provide and be the head, we were not taught how to submit and how to give control over to another, so it hard for christian men to submit totally to the lord. Because it goes against what boys were taught on the school yard and at home. SO my sisters please pray for your brothers in christ. That they would find the strength to confess to their wives, and most of all the wife will not judge but love him and forgive him. For the lie of the devil is she can't understand and want ever forgive you, and that she doesn't even care enough. Ever man who has sat down in front of his computer in the dark and masterbated either mentally or physically has heard the devils lie, if she cared she wouldn't be sleeping and you would be having to do this to get relief. First what your doing is selfish, second of all is taking away from what God intend between a man and woman. Thirdly if your married then your body belongs to her, and hers belongs to you. Those people on the internet only want your money and they don't care about your salvation or your family. The girls in the strip clubs don't care about you either, they just want those dollar bills to pay for their college or their drug habits, these adult bookstore these booths your going into to watch your porn in secret, your not hiding it God see's you. Brothers its time we stood up and came out of the cave, it doesn't mean the woman will hear your cries for help, but if we start reaching out to other men for encouragement and trust God he is able to do all things. But you got take that first step and admit it to God, that you need help and that you've sinned against him and heaven and your wife. Ask God to show you how to tell your wife what is going on. Then find a men's group perhaps at your church or a nearby church that can offer you support. Because the devil is not going to just let you walk away with a fight. He doesn't care about marriages he hates marriage and wants to see everyone of them destroyed and you with it.

Sexual sin can no longer be something we hide in our cave, The Cave man died for a reason, so now its time we barry the last of them and this sin that has become a billion dollar a year industry. How many hungry kids could feed with that money, how many people could we bless. No more my brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Lord has called to separate from the world, though we are in it, not to be of it. IF we do the things the world does how can anyone tell who is a christian we hide in the same darkness that they hide in. For the world hates the light for it shows their sins. Come out of the darkness, let us men join hands and walk out into the marvellous light, and fall on our faces and give thanks to God for his forgiveness and his grace and mercy. Cause he didn't let us die in our sin, cause he wanted us to come out of that place.

This blog was hard for me to write, because I myself was king of the sexual sin, over 13 adult website that I created to help married females find single or other married men have sex with. I was riding a fence tell myself I was helping peple becausea few couples called and thanked me and claimed that I saved their marriage and helped them. The devil loved that I felt I was doing a good thing. But sex with anyone except your spouse is not of the Lord. I know that now, because for my sin I've watched all that I loved fall into the sea and I at first blamed everyone else and wanted more of my sin, but one day God moved all access to that world from me, the more I saught it the more harder it became to find it. I got his message and now with my wife's help and brothers from my church who also confessed they were battling the same demons of sexual immortality. we now encourage each other pray for one another and hold each other accountable with love.

The battle is not ours it is Jesus Christ so my brothers please surrender it to him, it for some may go away, for others it will take time, but don't give up. God bless you
If you should encouragement my brothers or to talk email me. Willis.henry@gmail.com I don't claim to have all the answers but I do claim to have been done that road and by grace I'm still alive from prayers from wife and brothers in christ.

Don't all guys have that problem?........... :lol:
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