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#97 Follow the bread crumbs home Hope ......

Posted by Mike4Hope, 01 February 2011 · 2,795 views

Praying for a breakthrough <>< Trusting God for a breakthrough ><> Waiting faithfully for His move <>< Hope-filled for our breakthrough ><>Suddenly!!!

2006 ---- 2007 ---- 2008 ---- 2009 ---- 2010 ---- 2011.
.... 100 days .................................. 365 days .................................. 366 days .................................. 365 days .................................. 365 days ................... 32 days and counting

Dear Hope: It has been awhile. I was very surprized to see this on Proverbs31.org this morning.
You have known since before we were married that I had a call to 4Hope. (you signed up too) ( somehow we are a threat to satan (together / affects our children's futures too)
.... and that is why the snake has worked so hard for this to happen ........ AND why God will not let us go ...... after all this time!)
You have observed the 4Hope call transform to include Hope4Marriage as God intends to take our story and use our testimony to call marriages back to His intended way.
You have witnessed the "3 crosses" analogy as His model (picture) for marriage ever since we received it as a gift for our first Christmas in 2005. (hope you still have it)
You have likely read in CAPW (post #181) about "What if we had to go to God for divorce?" (please read it again ..... and let God speak to you through it.)
You have certainly witnessed my prayers and counsel on this site to "reflect Jesus in all you think, say and do". (in any and all applications ..... I have never read this book or even heard of this author (below) .... I feel SO confirmed that this is the message that God wants out ... not only as a model for marriage, but for life!)

Dear Wife: Whatever happened, it began with miss thoughts ...... those miss thoughts (misperceived or deceived) were falsely validated by who knows who; certainly no one that knew the truth and then the miss thoughts were expressed into miss words. Then, with false confirmations, silence and seclusion, it was easy for satan to fear you into his desired miss actions. (and he has you mired in the lies "it's too late / it would never work / you can never go back / how could he ever trust you?" ever since ..... know by God's grace ALL things are possible)

This I have for you from The Holy Spirit ... undoubtedly on my heart for us this morning:
The path back is the same path taken. It is marked by His Grace (the bread crumbs) - (God reminded me in church yesterday during communion that He waited for me for 21 years; I can certainly do this wait He has instructed me to do for you ...... and receive you in the same grace He received me).
You are to first accept His grace as a most loving and personal gift of forgiveness from Him to you. (that has to be where the words "stand up / go to the cross" keep coming from)
Then head back the same way you came:
Begin with positive thoughts about "You & Me" (you have fought them for so long, but they are still there (and will feel like "home" when you put them back on ... for they are the Truth)
As your thoughts transform, your words will as well. (first internally, then externally ... you will begin to get really excited as you remember what was ... and begin to imagine what could be ..... it will show on your face and people will ask ... just be 100% open and honest ... the truth will set you free)
Expect strong resistance from the stance you have so cemented around you (this is where you will need to be BRAVE and take a lesson from Mama' (bgps) ("friends and family" (out of love) will pull you back to the position they believe to be true and best for you ........ and satan will come hard ....... I so detest him .... but God wins!)
Then your thoughts and words must lead to actions. (This is why I have prayed for Truth, BRAVE, a new God-sent mentor to help you ... and for Jesus or His appointed angel to intervene directly .... to awake and shake and to provide "the event" (perfect appointed time) for you, my Hope to return to what God joined together for no man (or deceiver) to separate.

We found each other with a wink ...... allow me to take the first step in retracing the path: wink.gif ....... Ok, your turn ..... (With your eyes fixed on Him, you can walk on this water: but you must "step out" of the boat in order to ......... stomp on grates, celebrate thunderstorms and cherish a second chance at our marriage and calling ..... till death do us part)

Love, Your (dragon slayer) Michael

PS: Pretty cool how "BRAVE" is still on the radio. More cool that "Beautiful" is all over the radio after God gave it to me for you last summer before I even heard it!!! (or anyone else LOL!)(see blog #89) ...... and "You are More" sounds to me like God is continuing His nudges in your ears that "you were meant for so much more than this". (also discounting more of satan's lies to you: can't fall too far or wait too long)
(as I miss our sharing, my favorite new song is "This Little Light" by Addison Road > hope candle > Hope > you > me > You & Me > God's hand on us.)

(from Proverbs31.org)
February 1, 2011 One Stitch at a Time
Melanie Chitwood

“Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other,
Let us show the truth by our actions.”
1 John 3:18 (NLT)

When the four Chitwood family members settle in for some TV, we fight over who gets to snuggle with the patchwork quilt made years ago by Granny. The quilt comforts us with its warmth and the memories of Granny’s love.

After years of snuggling, Granny’s quilt displays signs of use: seams pulling apart, well-worn fabric with quilt-stuffing peeking through, and permanent stains.

One part of the quilt, however, remains completely intact: the quilting stitches. These are the smallest stitches in the whole quilt and interestingly also the strongest.

These small stitches offer us a lesson for our marriages. In Matthew 19:6 Jesus says, “So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, let no one separate.” God says a married couple becomes “one flesh” when they marry, and they work out that oneness all the days of their lives.

One way to establish that oneness is to make small, daily “stitches” to strengthen the fabric of marriage. These small habits don’t take much time or effort, but they do require intentionality.

In my book, “What a Husband Needs from His Wife,” I talk about three areas – thoughts, words, and actions – where we can choose some specific small habits to start practicing in our marriages.

Consider your thoughts toward your husband and marriage – When he’s having a stressful day, do you think he needs to get over his bad mood, or do you think about how you can encourage and support him? Maybe you walk through the messy garage and think it’s about time your husband cleaned it up. Instead you can think about how you and the kids can help with that project.

Consider your words – How do you speak to your husband? Do your words cut him down or lift him up? Also, think about your words to others about your husband. Decide today that your kids, mother, and best friend will hear you praise your husband, not criticize him.

Consider your actions – Jesus was a servant who laid down His rights to love others. How can you be a vessel of Christ’s love toward your spouse? Show him your love by simple actions such as cheering him on at his softball game, picking up his favorite snack at the store, and making intimacy a priority.

Practicing these small habits will help our marriages stay intact, just the like the tiny quilting stitches of Granny’s quilt. Prayerfully consider the various areas addressed here. Ask God to show you how you can strengthen the oneness in your marriage. You’ll be glad you took time to sew some stitches today, knowing that the fabric of your marriage will hold tightly against the pulls and pressures of tomorrow.

Dear Lord, open my eyes and heart to small, daily habits I can practice today to strengthen the oneness of my marriage. Give me a willing heart to honor my marriage by investing in it daily. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

As of this day and writing I am into my 5th year of waiting for you.
I don't know when I will be moved to post again to you.
You are to know that everything written here on PW is not going to ever change.
It is timeless, as I am to wait for as long as it takes.
He has "marked me" for life: "Hope" (wife, business, ministry) and "THSM" (Job 13:15)
I pray that you have mercy on me as God has me locked into you as still married .... for the rest of my life. I so need to hear from you.
Please know that you are deeply loved and completely forgiven ..... and held in the highest esteem as His chosen Proverbs 31 wife and lifemate for me.
...... And by His Words and Grace all my thoughts, words and actions honor you as such. .... I LOVE YOU HOPE !!!!!!!!!!

Praying for: <>< Truth ><> Revelation <>< Forthcoming ><> Communication <>< Forgiveness ><> Healing <>< Reconciliation ><> Restofourlifesong to honor You.

Dear Hope:

I come to leave this note for you this morning for two reasons:

1) I received the following PM yesterday from a faithful PW prayer warrior with a greeting and request for us: to read 1 Corintians 13 and reflect upon it.

"Pray Gods blessings upon you both this Valentines day. May you both be blessed and draw closer to our blessed Father, and Savior Jesus Christ. I feel led to ask if you all would read 1st. Corinthians the 13th. chapter as it is what I call the love chapter and certainly tells us the deepness of love in every way that God meant it to be, for Christians and all.God loves you both so much. In Christs love...charityanne.-Have a great, blessed day rejoicing in each other and in the Lord."

I have done so. What struck me so powerfully was that it was all about "love", yet all I heard was "Grace". Dear Wife: If you read the accounts here, you will know that God is propping me up. It is only His grace for us that keeps my love for you alive. And the tenacity that He has me waiting with is only from His grace (love) to give me the words and confirmations that I know how this ends. Please stop fighting it Hope. You are called to surrender as God has already told you: "God is not going to bless me until I surrender" ..... I pray for your healing and surrender to His truth.

2) I know that God is about to move me. I don't know for sure yet if it closer to you or further away. Your husband wants to consult with you about it and know your heart. I was out walking yesterday and had to put my Ipod away because it broke. I was only able to hear one song mid-walk ......... It was amazingly "BRAVE" (on the radio!). You only have a few days to call. I believe God moved me back to IL to facilitate your first move back to the marriage God joined together for no man to separate.
I know how the story ends (no distance can prevent it) (I even know the words you will say), but as the man you married (open, honest, loves you as Christ loves the church) the convenience may disappear and I felt obligated to tell you (plus I miss you and don't want this to go a minute longer than it already has) wub.gif .

Please call me Hope.
(Thank you for calling 2/22; it would be an answer to prayer for you to call and talk this weekend 26-27)

3/7/11 You should have received my mailed package to you last Saturday.
I pray that God had prepared you for it and it was received in your little girl wonder and curiousity.
I pray that it spoke truth to you ...... no matter how faded or repressed it has become for you over time.
I pray that the truth will not go away and will grow in your mind and heart.
I pray that the cards and movie awaken and speak to your heart to set free the love that satan stole from us.
I pray that Jesus or His appointed angel appear and speak The TRUTH to you ..... and for the God-sent mentor to help you discern it and act on it.
I pray that you are BRAVE in moving your thoughts, words and actions back to You & Me. (today would be good ;o)
I am expecting your contact (of course it will be "Suddenly!"), but do not frett ..... it will be just like we have always been ..... as His Grace is sufficient for us ;o)
3/18/11 Lol: As "suddenly" as calling me 11 times yesterday!!! Waiting, expecting and trusting God for our breakthrough any second. (you needed to hear what you listened to yesterday from me) .... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!!

..... I'm all out of words; He and I will carry you, but you must trust us (step out of the boat) ...... praying you do, many of us from all over the world are praying you through. cool.gif
5/27/11 What are you waiting for? (Walk on the Water) My arms will always be open to you Hope because God said.

I can "feel" you very close, please keep coming Hope ....... God promises to restore what the locusts have eaten ... still looking for you everywhere ... expecting and knowing you are coming ... please do not hesitate ;o)

Love & Grace,
Your Michael (forever and to the very ends of the earth .... that is how big our God is!!!)
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"You will know one day that God really is behind my wait and all these posts. When you do, I will notice that you are reading them all repeatedly (seeking every ounce of His wisdom in them) right before you reach out to me. Please just know that you are much loved and completely forgiven in His Grace.
Me" (originally posted 10/12/2010 as part of comment #1 under blog post "Fear Not: ... ")


I am seeing this activity now - I pray that it is you (I also pray for your BRAVE and the enemy's hands off - praying you through)
Please keep coming dear Hope. It is time. You are likely scared to death; yet like in Madison, it all disappears with our first hug.
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I was at The (Willowcreek) Global Leadership Conference at Northwoods Community Church the past two days and learned that Eaglebrook was the largest satellite location with 2600 in attendance. I thought you might be there ....
Especially when Bill Hybels did his talk on grace and forgiveness right before lunch. You will be amazed how easy it will be dear one, you are already forgiven .......... I hope you will forgive my part. (fyi: shame and guilt are satan's lies to keep you paralized in his web > BRAVE through...)  satan, in the name of Jesus, get your filthy hands off my wife, our children and all of the life God has in store for us!
Please keep coming ......
Can't wait.
Love you forever,
Your Michael

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You (Hope) are an Overcomer!


"For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-disipline."   2 Timothy 1:7


God’s desire is that we continually progress, that we reach higher heights and go to new levels in Him. Oftentimes, as soon as we make the decision to step out in faith and obey God, the enemy brings in fear to try to stop us. He’ll bring thoughts like, “What if you fail? What are other people going to think? You don’t have what it takes.” He’ll do his best to use fear to try to convince us to shrink back and stay where we are. (keep coming please)

The Bible says that fear is a spirit. It plays on our emotions and holds us back. But the good news is that we have power over the spirit of fear! The Bible says that perfect love casts out all fear. When we receive God’s perfect love, we will have confidence about the future because we know His plans are for our good. I’ve heard it said that fear is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. Understand that fear is a lie. Don’t buy the lie. Instead, choose to believe God’s Word and receive His love so that you can overcome fear and move forward into the blessings He has prepared for you! 


(Joel & Victoria Osteen)



Your Michael

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Wow, five 3:38am prayer callings in last 7 days + confirmation of your "coming" on 8/29 (a story I cannot wait to tell you).
Yes, I know you are coming very soon ( "before 7 years" > obviously not, long, cool story why I thought so)
I am praying for your BRAVE seems like every waking moment. (Ugh, but you are worth it)
God has revealed to me what you are dealing with ....... it's ok, just come. 
I am ready.
I will meet you where you are at.
I am to reflect Jesus to you - now and the rest of our days.
I love you more than my own life - a gift from your Creator.  
Someone who loves you for you.
We are chosen and destined dear Hope - please BRAVE through ....
Your Michael
11pm Sunday night:
I came back to tell you about my day.
It was Eric's birthday today - was supposed to play frisbee golf with him and Brett but he canceled (as his life continues to spin out of control - more in person)
As I wait for you, I always look forward to church as anything can happen at any time, but God often uses church to affect me for you. 
Today was the song "Oceans Rise".  I cried, I prayed and I cried and I prayed as I have heard this song many times, but today the lyrics were for you.
You are to surrender Hope (this is not news to you - but the surrender is to what God has for you - us, our testimony, ministry and marriage)
As you listen and watch this video consider the lives we are not affecting yet - yours, mine, our kids, their kids, and who knows but God what His plans are for Hope4Marriage .........  I am sure you have seen enough of your own life the past 7 years to see it is not what you thought it would be.  You are to trust Him as He says you can trust me ..........
http://www.youtube.c...h?v=eLqTZ07ja7g  ........... you are still beautiful and very loved .... just come.  Listen carefully to the words Hope .... and be moved to do what God has wanted you to do for all this time - bravely reach out and trust what your Abba Father has in store for you.

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IF it is you hanging out on here > GREAT!
You are completely forgiven
and totally loved.

Praying you through ...
Just come - soon please.

Love, :wub: 
Your Michael


PS: "Buck up!"  Those were your words to me some years ago when I was making every desparate effort to keep us as one.

Your eyes told me that you knew where you were headed and that it was your choice to go there.

The deception has a hollow ring today as you were played.

(forget the human players, it was spiritual warfare against God and His Jeremiah 29:11 plans for "You & Me")

The good news is that God knew then and God knows now. (and always makes a way where there is no way)

THAT is why He chose me as "the only one who would wait for you".

Now it is your turn to "buck up" dear Hope.  Be it guilt, shame or pride ... it is time to buck up into action.

You may be surprised at to what extent God has prepared me for your return.

What you think I could not comprehend nor ever forgive, is already forgiven.

This is why I repeatedly have begged you to go to the cross and trust your Lord.

In Jesus name, I still pray angels around you.

In Jesus name, your husband still adores you.

In Jesus name, you are still beautiful.

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You are to "just come" ........ as you are ................ suddenly!


Your "Jesus arms",


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You wonder ... just how far does His grace extend? (or Michael's - could he really handle the truth? - you will be amazed how God has prepared me for you).

You are afraid to be rejected.(you won't - you must trust what I say here)

You hesitate, one step toward me/two steps back.

You slink back into the familiar of the (what you thought was safe) web you are learning to despise.

Its gonna take a gigantic disaster, if you don't decide on your own - He is waiting so patiently (as I - we love you SO much)

I read my old post "Be BRAVE as you leave your comfort zone" yesterday.  Maybe that can give you the courage/faith to step out in Trust.

You can trust The Dream Giver and the dreams He has for us dear Hope.

Will be at the cross again this Good Friday - praying for the inevitable suddenly to be very soon.



Just me.

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Wow, I am SO proud of you my Hope.
I have acknowledged that your card and bookmark you sent me in 2008 took great courage.
Well, you just trumpted it when you boldly identified yourself in viewing my "other profile".
Everything you have done (for 8 years) has been anonymous (only God's shared insight allowed me to know you were near)
Last time I acknowledged your other profile you bolted - I can only assume that God is moving you (as I prayed and noted this last Wednesday)
SO , do I ask you to connect or not - cannot interfere with God's direction of your move first.
I discovered you this morning, but decided to go to church and seek God's answer.

It is now afternoon - I did not receive a direct answer, but some great reminders that became my answer.
First, a direct reference to blog #94 - The Great I AM has not backed off that i am to gently lead you.
He is our Sheppard and i am to reflect Him in all I think, say and do toward you.

And I was returned to the grate in Madison. You still had to make the move of taking my hand, step onto the grate and embrace my arms. I am to encourage you always in all things. It was impressed upon me that you are afraid of rejection.
Your move was BRAVE, but you know you need to reach out to me. (I have pleaded for you to step out of the boat - you move is simply sticking a toe in the water)

You don't know for sure yet that everything written here is true
that you are much loved and completely forgiven
that we will go very slow ... and you are to control the pace
If either of us see less than "better than we could ever imagine" we go our own ways.

I look forward to your reachout Hope. (my contact info in PW is all still good - you can text me too) (goose bumbs & thrilled here - KEEP COMING)
I love you like you have never been loved. (not done proving it either)
Your Michael


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You had no idea that God actually answered your prayers with me.

And now you have no idea how much I loved you ........... and still love you!

It's time to be BRAVE and reach out to me. (I cannot do it for you ... if I could, know that I would!)


Your Michael (God does not let me sign off any other way as I am your Michael for the rest of your life)

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I see you here Hope.

I sit with you.

I love on you.

I pray you through.

Be Brave .......... just break through with whatever is easiest for you.

Just say Jesus!

I imagine you are much afraid ......... I have learned satan is very small and insecure.

As God told you it was ok in Madison, take and trust my hand.


Love you HUGE,

Your Michael

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I have had 8 years of holidays alone. (so not right dear Hope)

I wait in determined faith.

I KNOW you are here and close to a reach out.

EVERYTHING written on this site is timeless for you Hope.

I love you way beyond understanding.

It is a gift from God. (Abba / unconditional love)

We have a tremendous story to tell - let's get to it!

You are forever forgiven and forever loved.


Your husband till death do us part,


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Dear Hope:


You need to know that every time that you "ping me" ("tap on the pipe" as you move any of the first page blogs to an odd # of views)

I respond with an attitude of gratitude (usually say, "I love you baby") as I ping back to you.


I am not allowed to sit with you anymore - I loved that - was supportive and was praying you through.

On July 24th when we waited together over an hour (and all the guest came and went - at this point, not sure they are your true friends) I was directed away as something was wrong.

It either was not you, or if it was you then the purpose was not pleasing to God.

What He has since impressed upon me is the following:

1) He will bring you back in His time - it is totally out of my hands.

2) He adores you, but implores some of your actions. (choices)

3) There is still truth in the dark that He demands be addressed. (why I have tried to direct your eyes to post # 55 (entitled the same) (bumped to 900 views to get your attention - has not worked as you have ignored ...)


I heard an awesome sermon yesterday at Northwoods - "BYOB" Bring Your Own Bucket - about Jesus' first miracle (turning water to wine at the wedding John 2)  It took tremendous faith and obedience to fill the 6 jars with water (180 gallons - untold trips (for somebody) to the well and back before the miracle even had a chance.



That's me Hope - I keep hauling the water (8 years next month!) trusting my Lord for the miracle of us - again.

(please make contact with me - we begin with friends)


Your Michael 


PS: I am expecting God to move (me?) (for you & "us")

So watch CAPW and my profile for news.



When you surrender to Him (in ALL things nomatterwhat),  you will have returned to me ... cannot wait!!!

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As I am out West waiting for you.......
I got a new cell phone. My number is in my profile.

Your Michael
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