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#7 - IN GOD WE (must) TRUST

Posted by Mike4Hope, 26 October 2009 · 235 views
Dear Hope Summers:
RE: "BRAVE in the Truth; also BRAVE against deception."

(Wow, never saw this coming............)

Dear Hope:

I left this topic Saturday morning "paused". (I assumed to be continued later that day)
I came prepared to talk (and list) all truths (ignored) and deceptions (believed) that got us into this mess. I was going to list every bibl...

#6 BRAVE in the Truth & BRAVE against deception.

Posted by Mike4Hope, 24 October 2009 · 157 views
Dear Hope Summers:
more later...............

(Later) Hope:

I feel God has hit my pause button here.

I am stopping to pray for wisdom and discernment as to what and how to say.....

I am reminded that the goal is communication between you and me on these issues that have had zero communication for over three years.

I am to be bold in God's truth .......... yet I hav...

#5 Do You Remember II

Posted by Mike4Hope, 23 October 2009 · 228 views
Dear Hope Summers:
I did not mean for the first "do you remember" to be so long, but once I got going, the memories flooded me.

I can only hope and pray the same for you.

I thought of a few more to close out this topic: (some of my fondest memories of us)
Sitting at the top of the stairs waiting for you to come in the door.
Or you coming home and running downstairs...

#4 Our God of hope hears our prayers.....

Posted by Mike4Hope, 23 October 2009 · 177 views
Hope in Him
"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1 (NIV)

Dear Father, thank You that You love my wife Hope and our children Eric, Jacque, Christopher, Brad and Brett even more than we do. Thank You that Hope and I are not alone. You are with us. Walk with us today. Give us Your strength. Give u...

#3 - Do you remember?

Posted by Mike4Hope, 22 October 2009 · 294 views
Dear Hope Summers:
Do you remember praying for "your man that God would choose for you"?

Do you remember my Proverbs 31 fleece and how you fell off your chair when you read it?

Do you remember what our profiles said?

Do you remember the wonder of discovery in our early emails?

Do you remember how God confirmed and confirmed and confirmed "us" ....... 72...

#2 - Good Morning !

Posted by Mike4Hope, 21 October 2009 · 253 views
Dear Hope Summers:
This is the day the Lord has made, rejoyce and be glad in it.

Dear Hope:

Know that I have waken up and fallen asleep to you ever since September 21, 2006.

I still wake up to this verse.

I still think of finding you out in the kitchen, likely done with your devotions, showered and dressed for work, eating a bite of breakfast, having your coffee with...

Blog #1 - My Dear Hope:

Posted by Mike4Hope, 21 October 2009 · 376 views
Dear Hope Summers:
I have never considered doing a blog until "the burning bush" sighting yesterday.
I was torn as to how I was going to be obedient to not changing my latest posted prayer for a "setting free and a BRAVE obedience to God's truth" for you ........... all the while I am to "keep loving you". I felt I was loving you the most when I would talk at you and pray f...