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picking up "poop"

Posted by , 16 October 2005 · 365 views

Eric and I took our kids to the park for a picnic today. Our 3 year old daughter had eaten her lunch and after a short time of playing she ran to me and said she had to go potty really bad. I told her try to hold it because there were no bathrooms at this park and it would be a while before we went home. (Sometimes they forget and don't really have to go potty. I was hoping for this.) Well about 5 minutes later she ran to me and said, "Mommy, I really have to go! So I do what mother's sometimes have to do, I let her go potty on the ground. I thought she was just going to pee, but she didn't pee, she pooped! Here I am at the park, letting my child use the great outdoors for a restroom, just like a dog, and now I am asking Eric to search our double stroller for something to wipe her with and something to put the poop in. Thankfully he found two paper towels and a plastic bag. So I use this empty mini carrot bag to capture her disposal, give it to Eric, and he finds the nearest trash. I apologize for the disgustingness of this post, however I just felt I had to post it. I love my daughter so much, how could I not clean up her mess? I did not ridicule her for it. I cleaned her up, threw it out, and then we played together. I couldn't help but think about my relationship with God when this happened. How often do I make a mess! How often do I "poop" where and when I shouldn't. Yet Jesus loves me. He cleans me up, throws out my "poop", and sets me back on my feet to enjoy my relationship with Him again. Thank you God for reminding me of something precious through something so disgusting!

That was awesome! Thank you!
Love, Rose
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Melissa, Sorry to bug you, I noticed you are an elder on this webpage and wanted someone to know that some of this sites' links are down. I sent this earlier to admin and it bounced back b/c he is afraid of spam...

Hi when I went to the page on your site, entitled: "Pray for the Persecuted Church," none of the following links opened:

Open Doors International Country List
Voice of the Martyrs Prisoner List
International Christian Concern Prayer Bulletin

Thank you, Karrie.

So, Melissa, can you see to it then? These links are vitally important to help us a s Christian's "pray with understanding" 1 Cor 14:15 AKJV Shalom karrie
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